New Mexico Upgrades OpenFox Hotfiles to Include Tribal Affiliation

Exterior of the New Mexico State Capitol at night in Santa Fe, New Mexico

CPI OpenFox implemented changes to the Hot Files (HFS) database (DB) Missing Person files to include Tribal Affiliation for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety to document and track missing persons with tribal affiliations.

Here is a high-level summary of the Scope of Work that CPI performed for this project: 

  • Added a field for “Tribal Affiliation” to the New Mexico HFS DB
  • Configured “Tribal Affiliation” code list with code options
  • Added “Tribal Affiliation” tab with MFC dropdown fields to multiple forms
  • Modified the affiliated Message Keys (MKE) to add the MFC (TRIB) for Tribal Affiliations:
  • Modified the query forms’ MKE format to accept the TRIB parameter


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