Openfox® Desktop Version 4 Release Notification

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc.  (CPI) is pleased to announce that the version 4 release of the OpenFox® Desktop is now available!

The main initiative of Desktop 4 is to allow the user to run the OpenFox® Desktop on a local PC without having Java installed. All the industry leading features of the OpenFox® Desktop remain while Desktop 4.0 eliminates the Java-version conflicts that sometimes arise when running multiple Java applications.

Desktop 4.0 operates like any other Windows application. In addition to 24x7x365 support from the CPI Support Center, our developers continually update Desktop 4.0 software as necessary for new requirements and mandates.

Once deployed, the user may check for subsequent software updates and implement them immediately or at a more convenient time.

Please see the impact statement for details on new features, prerequisites, maintenance hours and requesting the update.