OpenFox SAM On-Site Deployed in Oklahoma

the Oklahoma State Capitol building

We are happy to announce that CPI has installed Site Automated Monitoring (SAM) On-Site in Oklahoma. 

More about SAM On-Site: 

OpenFox SAM (Sites Automated Monitoring) application, CPI monitors the various customers that allow access to their systems to retrieve the required information.  This allows CPI personnel to monitor and maintain the health of a production system in near-real-time.

SAM consists of a script that runs generally every five minutes (but could be configured to run as often as every minute if needed) to glean numerous bits of information from a production OpenFox environment, then stores it in an XML file on the switch.  CPI pulls this file back, parses it, and displays the information in an overall dashboard that is accessible from any PC at CPI and is also displayed on monitors mounted throughout the building so that it is easier for anyone in the company to notice when something needs attention.