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CPI Upgrades Arizona OpenFox HotFiles and Message Switch

CPI has upgraded the OpenFox Message Switch and HotFiles 2.0 application for the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS) to incorporate the Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
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CPI OpenFox Implements New Password Change Portal for Ohio State Highway Patrol

CPI OpenFox created new graphical user interface (GUI) screens and modified the OpenFox Message Switching applications to support the specified user functionality.
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CPI Enhances Idaho CCH to Include Domestic Violence Report

CPI OpenFox has implemented a new, one-time report for the Idaho State Police (ISP) that provides the specific criminal history information specific to state domestic violence statutes.
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West Virginia State Police Modernize DMV Interface

West Virginia State Police has modernized its Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) interface. The project replaces the current interface to the DMV with a new synchronous web service interface. The primary objective of this project was to replace the legacy interface and enhance the OpenFox® Message Switch with a Web Service interface that exchanges Nlets…

Oklahoma DPS Adds New DMV Web Service

CPI OpenFox implemented a new web services interface to process driver-related transactions to a new DMV service for the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
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Michigan Becomes 23rd CPI Customer to Migrate to Red Hat Linux

The Michigan State Police (MSP) migrated its OpenFox® Message Switching system from the AIX environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) virtual machines (VM). Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) provided the MSP an overall structure, schedule, development, testing, and implementation
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Iowa Updates OpenFox Message Switch to Improve Dept. of Natural Resources Transactions

CPI’s development effort included building new and modifying existing MKEs and corresponding forms, in addition to installing a new Oracle OCI interface to deliver information to a state-maintained crimes Database (DB). IADPS built the responses from the state-specific crime DB and now sends it back through the OpenFox Message Switch where new style sheet programming is applied before returning the response to the end-user.
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Virginia State Police Enhance OpenFox HotFiles to Store Orphaned Dispositions Data

CPI OpenFox and Virginia State Police (VSP) have implemented a new Hotfile table titled “Orphaned Disposition File” (ODF) to their OpenFox Hotfiles Application.
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Rhode Island AG Adds Violent Offender Notifications

CPI OpenFox has enhanced the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) Query Wanted (QW) transactions and NCIC Query (QH) transactions to their current OpenFox Criminal History Application (CHA) to notify a configured group when a query result is flagged as a Violent Offender.
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Idaho State Police Adds Blue Alerts to OpenFox Message Switch

CPI OpenFox has configured the Idaho State Police (ISP) Message Switch to automate Blue Alerts to the public in the event of serious violence against law enforcement. This alert will utilize the existing Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) Interceptor product to catch Blue Alerts and automate the distribution of those alerts.
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CPI Deploys OpenFox Soft Tokens in West Virginia

Section of the CJIS Security Policy requires agencies to use Advanced Authentication when accessing CJI from a non-secure location. Keeping with CJIS compliance, CPI has implemented OpenFox® Soft Tokens v1.0 for West Virginia State Police. CPI enhanced the existing OpenFox advanced authentication method to work with CPI-generated Google Authenticator soft tokens. CPI modified the OpenFox Message Switching System to enable soft token functionality. CPI generated the initial quantity of soft token credentials as specified and imported them into the token database on the West Virginia State Police OpenFox Message Switch. 
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CPI Successfully Deploys Illinois LEADS Modernization Project

CPI has successfully installed and implemented the OpenFox Message Switching System, utilities, interfaces, licenses, and professional services in order to customize and deploy a replacement LEADS system for the Illinois State Police (ISP). The functional areas, including all hardware, applications, licenses, and professional services to complete the installation were as follows: OpenFox Message Switch including…

Alabama Implements Query Criminal History Log (QCHL) Reports

CPI has provided Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) a new solution to easily store and retrieve input inquiry data for all NICS and CCH query transactions. Additionally, reporting functionality for a summary and transaction statistics lists have been provided. CPI performed the following tasks and/or services to implement the solution: Established a database (DB) table…

North Dakota Converts to Red Hat Linux

CPI has successfully converted North Dakota State Radio Department of Emergency Services to Red Hat Linux on new hardware. Computer Project of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) migrated all existing OpenFox® functionality in the North Dakota State Radio AIX server environments to the new RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) environments provided by CPI. CPI also upgraded the Archive…

OpenFox SAM On-Site Deployed in Oklahoma

We are happy to announce that CPI has installed Site Automated Monitoring (SAM) On-Site in Oklahoma.  More about SAM On-Site:  OpenFox SAM (Sites Automated Monitoring) application, CPI monitors the various customers that allow access to their systems to retrieve the required information.  This allows CPI personnel to monitor and maintain the health of a production…

Texas Implements New Boat Registration Interface

Texas Department of Public Safety and Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) created a new receiver RESTful interface to process Boat Registration and Wildlife Violation Queries in the Texas Law Enforcement Transaction Service (TLETS) system. CPI executed the following to successfully implement this project: Created a new RESTful web service client   Reconfigured the current station…

MSP, CPI Add New SOS Web Service to the OpenFox

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) and Michigan State Police (MSP) utilized the OpenFox®️ Message Switch to implement a new interface via web services for Drivers transactions to exchange data between the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) and the OpenFox Message Switch.  The primary objective of this project was to replace the legacy drivers text interface…

Maine State Police deploy At-Risk Hotfile

Maine State Police (MSP) and Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc (CPI) have implemented a searchable repository to alert first responders when assisting someone who may have a condition which could impact their ability to communicate or interact effectively.  CPI provided a searchable database and configured the OpenFox Message Switch to enable MSP METRO User’s to…

Maine DPS installs Restricted Person File DB Interface

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) has successfully completed the Maine Department of Public Safety (DPS) Restricted Person File (RPF) Database Interface project for the state of Maine. CPI configured a new interface between the State’s OpenFox Message Switch (METRO) and the State’s RPF database for the purpose of providing Law Enforcement visibility of who is…

Arkansas Upgrades to Latest OpenFox Configurator

CPI recently upgraded the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) OpenFox Message Switch (OLETS) to Configurator version 7.5 from Configurator 6.7. Configurator 7.5 provides all the latest Configurator features and gives an enhanced ability to configure and manage Message Keys, Stations, Users, Code Lists, Vehicle Codes, Security Roles, Agencies, Watch Dog, Computer, and License.  ACIC becomes…

CPI Deploys OpenFox Soft Tokens in Oklahoma

Section of the CJIS Security Policy requires agencies to use Advanced Authentication when accessing CJI from a non-secure location. Keeping with CJIS compliance, CPI has implemented OpenFox® Soft Tokens v1.0 for Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (OLETS). CPI enhanced the existing OpenFox advanced authentication method to work with CPI-generated Google Authenticator soft tokens.  CPI…

Indiana State Police Deploy OpenFox Desktop 4.0

CPI recently cut to production our seventh deployment of Desktop 4.0 to the OpenFox System for the Indiana State Police (ISP).    Desktop 4.0 is the latest version of the GUI (graphic user interface), or what the clients use to access the various OpenFox Products. Internally called “Desktop Decaffeinated” Desktop 4.0 allows the user to…

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Successfully Migrates to Red Hat Linux

Computer Project of Illinois, Inc. (CPI) and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) have successfully migrated all existing OpenFox® functionality from Alabama’s Windows SUA production environment to the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) production environment. Benefits of the migration include: avoiding unsupported OS risks, lowering initial and ongoing expenses, streamlining & automating processes, and…

CPI modifies Vermont’s existing SFTP interface

CPI has successfully modified Vermont’s existing SFTP interface to accept & process up to 9 aliases (AKA) per Enter Denied Person (EDP) Record. The project’s scope included the successful completion of the following tasks: CPI configured the EDP MKE to accept up to 9 AKAs. CPI configured the existing SFTP interface to accept up to…

U.S. National Central Bureau – Interpol Completes Nlets Web Service Migration

CPI has completed a project for U.S. National Central Bureau – Interpol converting the current legacy Nlets dual-socket interface and associated driver to the new Nlets Web Services interface and associated driver. The conversion from the current IP Sockets interface to the Web Services interface is aligned with the direction of Nlets to sunset the…

CPI Successfully Migrates Iowa DPS to Red Hat Linux Environment

CPI and the Iowa Department of Public Safety (IADPS) recently migrated the existing OpenFox® Message Switch and ancillary Databases (DB’s) from the current AIX and Windows server environments to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) environment. The following OpenFox components were included in the migration:  OpenFox Message Switch  Configurator  Operator Aid  Computerized…

Arizona becomes 31st State to Utilize the OpenFox® Message Switch

On May 1st, CPI moved the last remaining stations, interfaces and users over to production on the OpenFox Message Switch at the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Arizona becomes the 31st State utilizing the OpenFox Message Switch as the CJIS/CTA State Switch. The Fox welcomes AZ DPS to the family and looks forward to growing…