Wyoming DCI Adds Disaster Recovery Site

side view of the Wyoming state capitol building

CPI and the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation Services Department (DCI) implemented software and services to secure and deploy their OpenFox® Message Switch System in a Disaster Recovery (DR) site determined by Wyoming. This effort permits Wyoming an additional site for system operability should the primary site completely fail.

The successful project deployed a redundant message switching system located at an offsite location other than the current primary location. This system now syncs defined data to the DR site and makes the CPI-provided services available at the DR location. This allows for full disaster system operation should any primary site catastrophe or disaster interruption take place within the OpenFox SaaS Solution for Wyoming. CPI provided software applications and synchronization services to complete the project. 

The work on this project consisted of:

CPI Ensured the production and DR software environments are identical. This required:

  • Implemented the necessary virtual machines in Wyoming as specified
  • Implemented automatic synchronization of all OpenFox® software and data from the production location to the DR location. The synchronization now occurs per Wyoming business rules

CPI provided the necessary documentation:

  • Prepared instructions for the manual transfer of operations from the production facility to the DR facility in case of emergency

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