5 Reasons Police Database Software Provides Public Safety

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Law enforcement officials are responsible for promoting public safety. With advancements in technology, police departments are gaining the tools needed to protect their communities and resolve criminal matters quickly and efficiently.

Database software is one of the most commonly used solutions available to agencies of all sizes. Police database software enables law enforcement to access records and information from any location and device, ensuring that all officers remain updated and on the same page.

Police database software offers a wide range of features and capabilities, from basic communication tools to seamless data sharing. Learn more about police database software and how law enforcement can use this technology to improve public safety.

How Police Database Software Can Improve Public Safety

1. Quickly Access Important Information or Reports

female security guards working in surveillance roomIn decades past, police officers would need to wait until they returned to their desks to comb through files for the information they needed to aid in their cases. With the roll-out of police database software, law enforcement officials and staff gain access to the critical data they need in and out of the office.

When it comes to solving crimes, every second matters. Patrol officers, investigators and other law enforcement personnel can use police database software to pull up information and reports from any device and location, even on the scene of a crime. With this information, officers can make swift, informed decisions.

2. Network with Other Agencies and Departments

With police database software, law enforcement officials not only have access to internal information but can also network with other state and federal agencies and departments. There are many types of information that can prove invaluable when solving police cases, such as court data, parole information, warrants, lab data, evidence, mugshots, probation information and NIBIN shell casing reports. Police database software makes it easy to share information, reports and files with other agencies and departments to ensure that cases get resolved as quickly as possible.

3. Collaborate with Law Enforcement Across the Country

Criminals do not always stay in one place. Law enforcement agencies must be able to access information from police departments and law enforcement agencies across the state and country. With police database software, information can be effectively shared across many systems and jurisdictions both locally and across all states in the U.S.

Search capabilities make it easy for law enforcement personnel to search for names, addresses and records in seconds. Advanced IT systems are capable of standardizing all types of data, regardless of document type or data format. This enables officers to collaborate on cases and share important information that may help one another.

4. Analyze Vast Amounts of Data on a Single Platform

Having access to large amounts of information is useless if law enforcement officials are not able to understand what they are seeing. Police database software offers more than just storage for data; users also have access to analytics tools and customized reporting functions that make it easier to compile and understand complex information.

With police database software, officers are better equipped to identify possible patterns, outliers and anomalies in data. They can identify crime trends in the data, allowing them to gain actionable insights to help reduce criminal activity. Officers can also develop meaningful metrics that help them better measure their progress during investigations.

5. Focus on Crime Resolution Rather than Technology

group of people watching hologram screensThere is a considerable amount of technology on the market targeted towards law enforcement; however, not all software solutions are comparatively equal. Many tools and systems are highly complex and require police officers and other staff to learn complicated software, wasting valuable time and resources.

Police database software is designed to integrate into an agency’s existing IT infrastructure to create a single platform that provides an extensive view of all systems. Instead of having to use multiple pieces of software or many tools, officers can access everything they need from a centralized location.

Why Choose CPI OpenFox Police Database Software?

Law enforcement agencies know the importance of making swift, informed decisions. Police database software makes it easier to gain access to the critical information needed to aid in investigations. CPI OpenFox Police Database Software allows users to access information and records from any location.

Using OpenFox Police Database Software offers many benefits.The software easily integrates into existing systems and is also customizable, meaning it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of a department. OpenFox software offers complete data synchronization, ensuring that the department always has the most current information and allows officers to communicate instantly with other agencies and departments. OpenFox software enables agencies to stay organized by compiling all data into a single database.

If your department is interested in learning more about police database software or the CPI OpenFox product suite, contact CPI OpenFox today at 630.547.3088 or get started by scheduling a consultation online.