Alabama Implements Query Criminal History Log (QCHL) Reports

CPI has provided Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) a new solution to easily store and retrieve input inquiry data for all NICS and CCH query transactions. Additionally, reporting functionality for a summary and transaction statistics lists have been provided.

CPI performed the following tasks and/or services to implement the solution:

  • Established a database (DB) table for storage of transaction input data
  • Built a new Broker Application to store and retrieve data in the newly created DB table
  • Created a new station class
  • Configured the new station to use the broker class
  • Configured a file route to deliver to the station
  • Modified MKE configurations to simultaneously route to NCIC or Nlets, and the new station
  • Modified TP to deliver OFML format to the new station
  • Established new reports in an HTML document format
  • Configured code lists
  • Configured new forms