CPI completes three significant projects in three states before lunchtime on the same day

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CPI showcased its formidable resources and impressive multitasking abilities this week by simultaneously completing three cutting-edge projects in three states. The projects involved Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Maine were seamlessly integrated into production before lunchtime on Tuesday, August 29th.

First on the list was the Rhode Island Password Expiration & Reset Project. CPI elevated the performance of the OpenFox Message Switch by implementing crucial changes for the Rhode Island State Police (RISP). This included enhancing the system to conduct password expiration checks and validate user CJIS certification dates for both login and password reset actions. Additionally, CPI eliminated the need for certain stations to receive the OpenFox Desktop warning message regarding password reset questions and answers upon login acceptance.

Moving on, CPI tackled the Driver’s History Hyperlinks project for Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (OLETS) sought CPI’s expertise to incorporate hyperlinks into the tagged list Driver and Driver History responses for OpenFox Messenger class stations. CPI undertook the challenge by designing, creating, and installing parsers for Oklahoma Driver and Driver History Responses. They also developed casters to extract value data from the parsers and mapped the data to the appropriate field IDs of the casted transactions. As a result, hyperlinks were seamlessly integrated into driver status and history responses, enabling users to access additional information with just a click conveniently.

Lastly, CPI ventured into creating an e-Citation Interface for the Maine State Police. This involved configuring a cutting-edge RESTful web services interface between the Maine OpenFox Message Switch (“METRO”) and the Customer’s eCitation server. The interface was designed to facilitate the acceptance of Driver License Inquiry and Vehicle Registration Inquiry transactions from Maine’s eCitation server. Furthermore, CPI ensured smooth communication by configuring a new web services RESTful client to return Driver License Response and Vehicle Registration Response transactions to the eCitation server. The project also involved setting up a new OpenFox station class and associated stations to seamlessly support the new web services interface. Additionally, CPI provided stylesheets to transform eCitation queries to the existing Extensible Markup Language (“XML”) format for the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and Nlets, depending on whether the query was in-state or out-of-state.

These remarkable achievements demonstrate CPI’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions and their ability to excel in multiple projects simultaneously. With their expertise and dedication, CPI continues to drive technological advancements in the field, revolutionizing the way law enforcement agencies operate.

More about the OpenFox Message Switch: https://www.openfox.com/products/message-switch/