CPI Implements New Web Service For Maryland DPSCS

Maryland – news 2020_

CPI has implemented a new Web Service for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (MDPSCS) to exchange vehicle-related transactions with the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA).


The primary objective of this project was to replace the legacy text interface between MVA and the OpenFox® Message Switch with a Web Service interface that transmits the Nlets National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standardized format.

CPI provided and configured the following OpenFox components:

  • New Web Service client in which the OpenFox Message Switch acts as the client
  • RESTful (Representational State Transfer) client interface to connect to the MVA server. The Web Service will be synchronous.
  • Modified the configuration and processing of the necessary MKEs
  • Applied the standard presentation stylesheets as provided by Nlets for in-state responses
  • Configured routing rules to deliver NIEM responses to Nlets and standard Nlets-provided presentation stylesheet output to in-state requestors
  • Created a new file route, a new station class, and new stations to support the new Web Service interface
  • Executed code changes to the OpenFox Message Switch to support the new headers, trailers and message formats

The OpenFox Message Switch now receives out-of-state vehicle queries from Nlets and transforms them to Nlets standard NIEM for delivery to the MVA.

The MVA now formats all responses to return the Nlets standardized, fully-tagged NIEM XML response.

Learn more about CPI’s role in assisting customers with the Nlets NIEM Mandate: CPI Nlets NIEM Mandate

About CPI: www.openfox.com