CPI OpenFox Successfully Completes Wisconsin Nlets XML Conversion Project

We are excited to share the news that CPI OpenFox has successfully upgraded the Nlets interface of the Wisconsin Department of Justice to meet the Nlets XML standards. This remarkable achievement brings Wisconsin closer to fulfilling the Nlets mandate of phasing out outdated, non-standard, dot-delimited text formats.

Our team has diligently worked on converting the legacy text formats into standardized XML formats, in line with Nlets’ objective of retiring the existing legacy text formats. This comprehensive effort involved transforming all currently used Nlets transactions, except for a few responses, into fully tagged, standardized XML formats following the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) schemas provided by Nlets.

All fully tagged in-state XML responses sent to and accepted by Nlets will remain unaffected. However, in-state responses that require modification before being forwarded to Nlets will be sent as text and encapsulated in NIEM XML.

Furthermore, we have developed standard presentation style sheets that seamlessly convert the new XML message formats received from Nlets into easily readable text, ensuring smooth communication with our end-user clients.

We take great pride in the successful completion of this project and are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and compliance in law enforcement communication.