N3G Successfully Deployed in West Virginia

a blue West Virginia state police cruiser

In November, CPI took a significant leap forward in the N3G pilot by implementing the N3G Missing File project to production for the West Virginia State Police. This achievement marks another important milestone in our journey.

Previously, in September, we successfully deployed the first rollout of the N3G Foundational Code in West Virginia. This accomplishment represents a major step forward for our N3G initiative, reflecting the culmination of extensive development and testing efforts.

CPI’s work on N3G has revolutionized the industry by enabling agencies to transact using next-generation NCIC standards. Our service allows for seamless integration of both legacy dot-delimited and N3G NCIC standards through innovative configurations. Furthermore, it unifies the use of legacy TCP/IP dual socket protocol and web services, offering unparalleled flexibility. Concurrent NCIC 2000 or NCIC N3G transactions can now be effortlessly conducted through configurations, providing maximum adaptability.

The development of CPI’s N3G solution has been a two-year journey characterized by close collaboration with the FBI CJIS and West Virginia State Police. Together, we have pushed the boundaries of innovation and set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in law enforcement technology. To recap, here are some key points to the N3G project:

  1. CPI N3G solution has broken new ground by allowing agencies to transact against next-generation NCIC standards.
  2. The service allows the hybrid to run legacy dot-delimited or N3G NCIC standards through configurations.
  3. The service unifies using both legacy TCP/IP dual socket protocol and web services.
  4. NCIC 2000 or NCIC N3G transactions concurrently through configurations to allow maximum flexibility.
  5. The CPI N3G solution was a two-year journey in close collaboration with FBI CJIS and West Virginia State Police.