Maine DPS installs Restricted Person File DB Interface

a front view of the Maine state capitol building

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) has successfully completed the Maine Department of Public Safety (DPS) Restricted Person File (RPF) Database Interface project for the state of Maine. CPI configured a new interface between the State’s OpenFox Message Switch (METRO) and the State’s RPF database for the purpose of providing Law Enforcement visibility of who is prohibited from owning dangerous weapons.

CPI provided an overall structure and schedule for the design which included configurations, testing, and implementation of the products and services based upon the requirements and information supplied by the State.

The high-level scope for this project is outlined below:

● Created a synchronous RESTful (Representational State Transfer) web service client interface

● Configured a new OpenFox station class and associated stations to support the new web services interface

● Configured a new File route to the RPF database

● Configured five (5) new message keys (MKEs) pertaining to the RPF

● Configured four (4) new Messenger forms for RPF records

● Configured multiple MKE(s) to spawn a specific MKE identified by the state

● Configured MKE presentation stylesheet for multiple RPFs

● Modified the routes for Restricted Person Orders (RPO)

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