Michigan Becomes 23rd CPI Customer to Migrate to Red Hat Linux

the Michigan state capitol building at night

The Michigan State Police (MSP) migrated its OpenFox® Message Switching system from the AIX environment to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) virtual machines (VM). Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) provided the MSP an overall structure, schedule, development, testing, and implementation of the necessary products and services based upon the requirements and information supplied by the MSP through documentation and information exchanges.

Scope of Work

CPI migrated all existing OpenFox functionality in the AIX server environments to the new Linux/RHEL VM environments including the following OpenFox components:

  • OpenFox Message Switch
  • OpenFox Configurator
  • OpenFox Operator Aid (OpAid)
  • OpenFox HotFiles Application

CPI provided documentation outlining recommended system specifications as a deliverable of the discovery and design phase.

Michigan is CPI’s 23rd customer to convert from AIX to Linux.

Benefits of the migration from AIX to Linux include: avoiding unsupported OS risks, lowering initial and ongoing expenses, streamlining & automating processes, and enhancing the Agency’s operating system to the industry preferred RHEL platform. The NCIS OpenFox System was the nineteenth operating system conversion from AIX to Linux completed by CPI. The conversion of the operating system allows for component upgrades of the OpenFox Configurator and Desktop Messenger applications which are already on the NCIS OpenFox dev system.

More about the OpenFox Message Switch: https://www.openfox.com/products/message-switch/