OSBI’s OpenFox System Now Deployed in CPI’s Tier III+ SaaS Center

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Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is now the thirteenth (13th) customer to implement the OpenFox® Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for their OpenFox Message Switch environment. OSBI has moved its OpenFox system source data from the system’s previous location in Oklahoma City, IL to the CPI OpenFox Tier-III+ Data Center in Bolingbrook, IL.

By relocating the system into the CPI SaaS Center, those responsibilities transitioned to knowledgeable CPI staff. OSBI, and all of our SaaS clients, rid themselves of the burden of maintaining older hardware, operating systems, and databases, freeing up their resources to do other duties. CPI’s operational strength and stability provide relief to our clients who can put all those problems behind them.  OpenFox SaaS is a tremendous value for OSBI.

CPI migrated all existing OpenFox functionality in the OSBI server environments in OSBI’s data center to the Linux (RHEL) VM environments in the CPI Tier III+ Data Center. The migration included the following OpenFox solutions:


  • OpenFox Message Switching Software System
  • OpenFox Desktop
  • OpenFox Messenger Terminal Software
  • OpenFox Configurator
  • Operator Aid (OpAid)
  • OpenFox Archive


CPI performed the following services to complete the migration:


  • Built a SaaS system in CPI’s Tier III+ Data Center to house the State Message Switching System
  • Transitioned current OSBI OpenFox data, software, and configurations to CPI SaaS architecture
  • Provided one production and one test environment
  • Established connections from the SaaS solution to the State communications endpoints for test and validation of the conversion
  • Established a point-to-point VPN tunnel from CPI’s Tier III+ Data Center
  • Implemented a vCenter server HA solution for virtual environments
  • Performed system integration testing
  • Transitioned the new solution into production

More about CPI Software as a Service (SaaS): https://www.openfox.com/products/saas-hosting/