Rhode Island Enhances OpenFox CCH Notifications

Rhode Island State House

CPI modified the Rhode Island Attorney General (RIAG) Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Application functionality including enhancements to enable mapping of RI State statutes to NCIC equivalent offense codes on Nlets Criminal Record (CR) and Full Record (FR) responses utilizing Nlets Law Enforcement Notification System (LENS).

The scope of work for this project included the following:

  • Implemented the OpenFox® Desktop Uniform Charge Table (UCT) Editor module. The UCT allows the State to maintain the list of charges and their relationship with corresponding NCIC code values:
    • The UCT Editor provides a search and details screen for offense code maintenance
    • Implemented a new datatype to support data exchange between the graphical user interface (GUI) and the database to support create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations for offense codes
    • Updated existing Desktop licenses to add the UCT Editor for users who require access
  • Wrote a script to facilitate a one-time batch update of the NCIC equivalent offense codes
    • CPI matched the record based on the State Charge Code and updated the associated NCIC value in the existing table structure 
  • Conducted two batch updates of the initial NCIC equivalent offense codes
  • Modified the rap sheet response to include NCIC offense codes

The Law Enforcement Notification System (LENS) pulls existing data from the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Enforcement Integrated Database (EID), to create the notification message and transmits it to other law enforcement agencies via Nlets. 

See more about Nlets here: https://nlets.org/

More about OpenFox Criminal History Application (CCH): https://www.openfox.com/products/criminal-history-application/