Texas DPS Implements New OpenFox Terminal Control Report

Texas State troopers cars parked

CPI has upgraded the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) OpenFox Desktop to include a new module known as a Terminal Control Report. The new reporting module pulls together agency and station data into a single report that displays information from multiple fields configured by the TXDPS.  The critical component is that the reporting module brings together information from various OpenFox Message Switch data files and organizes them into a single report as customized by the Texas DPS.

Scope of Work

CPI provided TXDPS with the ability to generate a report by Agency ID that collates the information outlined by the DPS into a single report. CPI modified the user authority role to control access to running the report.

The report includes agency information in a summary/header format as outlined below:

  • Agency name = Descriptive Name from Agency configuration
  • Agency ID = Agency ID from Agency configuration
  • Agency address; physical and mailing
  • Agency county
  • Agency latitude and longitude
  • Agency Satellite identifier (Site ID)
  • Agency TCP/IP Gateway
  • Agency Network IP
  • Agency Subnet Mask

The report also has a section that includes a list of stations associated with the agency. Station

information is provided as outlined below:

  • Station Type
  • Station Mnemonic
  • License Key registered to station
  • Station IP, Station ORI, Station Nlets routing, Station roles, Station Image enabled, Station Location
  • Used for UAT

The report includes a section that lists the additional ORIs the agency is responsible for including station and ORI information.

Lastly, the report includes a section that lists all contacts for the agency as outlined below that includes all contact and TAC data.

CPI provides the report in a printable format that can also be saved in PDF format.

The Terminal Control Report (TCR) is now a new OpenFox Desktop module that is available to all CPI customers for implementation with expandible its functionality.


More about OpenFox Message Switch: https://www.openfox.com/products/message-switch/