Virginia State Police Enhance OpenFox HotFiles to Store Orphaned Dispositions Data

front view of the Virginia state capitol building

CPI OpenFox and Virginia State Police (VSP) have implemented a new Hotfile table titled “Orphaned Disposition File” (ODF) to their OpenFox Hotfiles Application. The ODF provides additional records of disqualification to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) through an automated process. The project includes a new Hotfile table to house the ODF’s and a batch file update process using the existing Virginia Criminal Information Network Orphan Disposition Database. It also includes an automated process that updates the NICS system.


CPI completed the following work to implement the solution:

  • Created a new Hotfile to store orphaned dispositions data.
  • Created new Hotfile procedures to process orphaned dispositions data per the Business Rules provided by VSP.
  • Configured a new batch interface to process orphaned dispositions transactions from a batch file transferred by the Virginia Orphaned Disposition Database (VODD) team.
  • Configured a new Message Key (MKE) routed to the new Hotfile.
  • Modified the existing MKE to route a query to the new Hotfile and return additional data from the new orphaned dispositions data table.
  • Created a delimited file per “Output File Processing.”

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