CPI OpenFox Upgrades Arizona Offender-Based Tracking System

top view of the Arizona state capitol building

CPI implemented a Fennec Broker-based solution that utilizes the OpenFox Message Switch and an aggregator to query the Arizona HotFiles, Criminal History, Law Enforcement Judicial Information System (“LEJIS”), and Sex Offender data repositories to provide users with consolidated responses.

The Arizona Offender Based Tracking System (OBTS) provides a central index of offenders with records in CCH, HFS, Sex Offender Registry (SORS), Arizona Department of Corrections (OBSC), and Law Enforcement Judicial Information System (LEJIS).  With a single inquiry using specific message keys, ACJIS users can search the OBTS index to determine if a person has a record in multiple systems. 

CPI OpenFox has replaced the Arizona DPS Mainframe with a CPI Fennec broker-based solution that queries the source system directly, including Arizona Law Enforcement Judicial Information System (LEJIS) data migrated from the current OBTS Mainframe database.

The scope of work included but was not limited to the following items:

  • Offender-Based Tracking System (OBTS) Inquiry

    • Query Transactions
      • Search modifications
      • Modified message keys and added specific MFCs
    • Query Responses responses from multiple systems were consolidated with a broker-based aggregator. 
    • Specific Special Edit Rules were set
  • Law Enforcement Judicial Information System (LEJIS) Records and Processing

    • Updated the LEJIS entry, modified and consolidated multiple transactions
    • Modified message keys and MFCs
    • Updated Soundex
    • Created rules for responses
    • Updates for record consolidation functionality
    • Formatting updates
  • Law Enforcement Judicial Information System (LEJIS) Data Migration

    • Current LEJS data was migrated to the hotfiles database
  • OBTS application provides functionality to query LEJIS data by responding to the OBTS query transaction


More about OpenFox HotFiles 2.0: https://www.openfox.com/products/hotfiles-2-0/