Top 5 Advantages Of SaaS

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saas solution conceptSoftware as a Service (SaaS) is a type of software delivery model that allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the web. SaaS eliminates the time-consuming and tedious process of installing and maintaining software. Instead, applications are stored on a remote cloud network that can be accessed through the internet or an Application Programming Interface (API).

SaaS applications are run on the servers of the SaaS provider; the provider is responsible for managing access to the application, including availability, security and performance. Common examples of SaaS technology include email, calendar apps and online office tools such as Microsoft Office 365.

With SaaS, customers have no software or hardware to purchase or update. Access to applications is easy and nearly instant. There are also other key advantages of using the Software as a Service model.

Advantages Of Software As A Service

1. Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of SaaS is the cost savings that most businesses can enjoy when switching from traditional software solutions to Software as a Service. SaaS eliminates the upfront cost of the purchase and installation of software. It also removes ongoing costs, such as upgrades and maintenance.

With pay-as-you-go models, businesses only pay for what they need and not for tools and features that are unused. SaaS gives businesses access to high-powered software that they may otherwise, due to cost, not be able to access through conventional software purchasing. Subscription-based models help reduce financial risks and can provide peace of mind.

2. Swift Innovation

Software as a Service differs from traditional software models as the software is already installed and configured. SaaS can significantly reduce the amount of time required for software installation and configuration. It also helps to minimize issues associated with software deployment.

With SaaS deployment, there is no implementation process, meaning networks, hardware systems and software are ready with just a click of a button. Upgrades, updates and bug fixes are also streamlined, allowing employees to quickly start creating value. Most importantly, these improvements can be made continuously and at no cost over the subscription price.

3. Greater Mobility

Mobility is essential in the modern business world as more people work remotely or on the go. Software as a Service has the major benefit of being accessible anywhere there is an internet-enabled device. There is no need to access a virtual private network (VPN) or install software.

SaaS has allowed countless businesses to maintain their normal operations in the aftermath of COVID-19. This technology has also enabled companies to incorporate a more flexible work schedule with which employees can work both in the office and at home while maintaining access to the data and software tools that they need to complete their job roles.

4. Time Saved

The old saying “time is money” continues to ring true. SaaS can save businesses a substantial amount of time, which equates to cost savings. For most SaaS applications, installation is simple and typically requires an internet connection and log-in. The bulk of maintenance responsibilities is placed on the vendor or IT department, allowing employees to spend more time on core activities that help grow the business.

Time-consuming tasks can lead to extra work hours and overtime for some employees. SaaS can help eliminate these extra hours and avoid downtime. SaaS applications also tend to have a smaller learning curve, meaning employees are better equipped to learn and adapt to this new technology.

5. Seamless Compatibility

man holding tablet with saas conceptCompatibility is essential for workplace systems to ensure that all members of the team are on the same page. With conventional software solutions, updates can require a significant amount of time and money. Additionally, possible version discrepancies between employees can result in compatibility issues that waste time and cause unneeded complexity for staff.

Software as a Service makes it easy for companies to maintain the most up-to-date version of the software. There is no need to undergo complicated updates that waste time and money. Instead, employees can simply log into the platform to services that have been automatically upgraded.

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