Ohio State House - The capitol building in Columbus, OH

CPI’s 11th CCH Installation Is Successfully Implemented in Ohio

Computer Projects of Illinois (CPI) and Ohio Attorney General  (OAG) have successfully deployed the OpenFox® Criminal History Application (CHA). The project replaced the legacy Ohio Criminal History database and user applications that served the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation and the citizens of the Buckeye State.

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a Kentucky state trooper who is partnered with CPI OpenFox

CPI Deploys OpenFox Soft Tokens in Kentucky

Keeping with CJIS compliance, CPI has implemented OpenFox® Soft Tokens v1.0 for Kentucky State Police (KSP). CPI enhanced the existing OpenFox advanced authentication method to work with CPI-generated Google Authenticator soft tokens. CPI modified the OpenFox Message Switching System to enable soft token functionality. CPI generated the initial quantity of soft token credentials as specified and imported them into the token database on the KSP OpenFox Message Switch. 

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Java 8 Update 311

CPI has identified a bug with Java 8_311. This Java release may cause the following error when running an application within the Openfox Desktop. If

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