Hawaii Deploys OpenFox Desktop 4.0

Indiana State Police Deploy OpenFox Desktop 4.0

NCIS Successfully Migrates to Red Hat Linux OS

WV State Police Cruiser

WV SOR Enhances Search Capabilities

The OpenFox® Message Switch currently manages a Web Service API for the West Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry (SOR) with state-specific configurations developed by CPI. CPI

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CPI – Nlets XML Mandate

The new Nlets Standardized XML Mandate requires that all messages exchanged between the Nlets system and the CTA message broker be fully tagged documents (ideally

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Java Security Fears Are More “Smoke and Mirrors” Than Five-Alarm Fire. In fact, the government agency tasked with monitoring technological security vulnerabilities ranks Java as

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The Case for JSON

With studies showing performance up to thousands of times faster, major enterprises already favor the “fat-free” alternative to XML. Here’s why you should too. Read

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Putting SOAP to REST

What Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Oracle and other tech giants know that You don’t: web services are better delivered via REST than SOAP. Here’s why. Read

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